Looking Back & Moving On - Blogging Portfolio #2

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With the reading and discussion of It Ain't Necessarily So (IANS) as part of this Journalism class, I have worked to more fully embrace the blogging spirit.  Therefore, this compellation of recent blog entries all pertain to the said text, but hopefully also show growth in my skills as a blogger, both in writing entries and giving and receiving comments. 

1.  Coverage - This list includes all blogging entries since my last portfolio, all submitted on-time, before class deadlines.

The Not-So-Invisible Observer - My first blog entry about IANS.  This entry sums up the theme that runs through the entire text: the impossibility of true objectiveness and the unavoidable bias in journalism.

We're Still being Duped - Here, I build on my ideas discussed in "Observer"; mainly, I point out how the IANS authors apply their ideas towards reporters in chapter 1-2 to researchers in chapters 3-5. 

The Truth is Out There - This blog entry accompanied a reading that was really pivotal to my understanding/opinion of IANS.  After reading several dismal chapters about the failure of journalists to produce quality work, I focus on the encouraging points I found in the reading of ch. 6-7. 

A Surprise Guest Star - A lighter and less formal entry that documents my reactions to President Boyle's visit to EL227. 

Those Crazy Tree-Huggin' Activists - An entry I felt very passionately about. The bulk of this entry contains my strong disagreement with the IANS authors and their seeming attack on all activists.

Think Hard Evidence, Not Motive - This entry includes my discussion of IANS chapter 9, in which I generally support the argument the authors make.

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover - An entry that sums up my thoughts on IANS, including my surprising revelation concerning the text as a whole.

 2.  Depth - This list highlights a few more engaging entries.  In these, I went beyond just the text to address some larger issues. 

 We're Still being Duped - In this entry, I ponder if those in journalism will ever truly find dependable facts.

Those Crazy Tree-Huggin' Activists- As part of discussion in reference to the text I develop my own definition of activism.

3.  Interaction - These entries interacted directly with a peer's work -- for better or worse.

Shateed!? by Mitch Steele - My comment on Mtich's blog shows my effort to politely disagree.   

4.  Discussions - This list includes blogs that generated comments and discussion.

The Truth is Out There                                             

We're Still being Duped

The Not-So-Invisible Observer

5.  Timeliness - These entries demonstrate my ability to both write entries before class and contribute to them after class.

The Not-So-Invisible Observer - This entry was written early enough to spark a handful of comments.  After hearing how class discussions were going, I headed back to this entry to post a follow-up comment.

A Surprise Guest Star - An entry published in response to a class

Think Hard Evidence, Not Motive - An entry I wrote yesterday for tomorrow’s class

6.  Xenoblogging - This list includes comments I have made to others that have sparked online conversation. 

      "Primo Comments" - Comments I made to others that were the first on their entry.

       IANS 5 & 6 and Much Ado About a Lot by Maria Pezzuti

      Who Ever Will Win… by Maddie Gillpespie - Besides being the initial comment on this entry, I also consider this comment to be of the more in-depth kind.

7.  Miscellaneous - Taken from my general list of entries, I point out some other aspects of blogging that my that weren’t covered by the other components. 

A Surprise Guest Star - In mentioning my previous school, I strove to work within the realm of good blogging etiquette.

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