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Who's that reading my e-mail?

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The most startling fact I learned in Writing Effective E-Mail: Top 10 Tips was that there could be one, or several, peeping toms encroaching on what I previously thought were private e-mails.  Although I was vaguely aware of the risk of hackers and/or the FBI catching a glimpse of what I wrote, my suspicions of outside readers ended there.  So, the really shocking aspect of this tip was learning that a corporate "e-mail administrator has the ability to read any and all e-mail messages (and may fire you if you write anything inappropriate)."  As a prospective member of the corporate world, this short tip carries a heavy weight: the fact that someone else may be keeping an unknown tally on my e-mail decorum, and that person may hold the key to my career, is quite important to my future.  With this in mind, my personal connection to this tip is also a way of reinforcing the other tips offered in this reading. Now not only will I proofread, keep my grammar on par, and watch my temper because it’s the right thing to do, but because not doing so may cause severe professional consequences.


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Testing, Testing

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Just trying things out..refreshing!

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