Who's that reading my e-mail?

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The most startling fact I learned in Writing Effective E-Mail: Top 10 Tips was that there could be one, or several, peeping toms encroaching on what I previously thought were private e-mails.  Although I was vaguely aware of the risk of hackers and/or the FBI catching a glimpse of what I wrote, my suspicions of outside readers ended there.  So, the really shocking aspect of this tip was learning that a corporate "e-mail administrator has the ability to read any and all e-mail messages (and may fire you if you write anything inappropriate)."  As a prospective member of the corporate world, this short tip carries a heavy weight: the fact that someone else may be keeping an unknown tally on my e-mail decorum, and that person may hold the key to my career, is quite important to my future.  With this in mind, my personal connection to this tip is also a way of reinforcing the other tips offered in this reading. Now not only will I proofread, keep my grammar on par, and watch my temper because it’s the right thing to do, but because not doing so may cause severe professional consequences.


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Maddie Gillespie said:

Quite a scary thing to have your illusions shattered right in front of you. Powerful individuals control what may become of you without you even knowing it! I can't help but have the impression of people in charge of their own little mole hills, hills with e-mail and net services at least! I think you're absolutely right to try and monitor your writing in e-mails, but it might just be easier to categorize your writings into what's appropriate to send at work and wha tshould be saved for home. It's the same concept when using the internet at work most likely.

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