I don't know...maybe.

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When I first got the gist of this whole hyper-text novel idea, I thought it'd be pretty interesting.  "What a cool idea!" I thought.  Why hadn't I heard of this genre before?  The very nature of hyper-text seems to lend itself to this exploratory way of story telling.

Well, those feelings didn’t last very long.  By the time I got to the action of the story, I felt frustrated and no longer enthusiastic about the idea.  I couldn't get a firm grasp on the story, and exploration is one thing, but come on, get to the point already! And whereas I thought the multiple links and different avenues of the story would be helpful to plot and character development, it just seemed to undermine it (I’m not an expert on literary techniques by any means.  This is just my opinion as a reader). I thought the separation of different parts of the story would make things easier to understand, but it had the opposite effect; so, I guess it’s the interaction of characters and the interconnectedness of background information and character history and scenery description that makes the novel so interesting rather than confusing.

I still think this form of writing could be effective, though, just maybe for a shorter story.  I know in his introduction the author, Walter Sorrells, said the story is similar to a short, 150 page novel, so maybe this format is better suited for a short story, like 10 traditional pages long.


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Anne Williams said:

I share the feeling of confusion and indifference with you... At first I didn't get the whole idea but when I figured it out I was not happy! I definitely think this should be kept to a very short story; not a 150 page novel.

Jed Fetterman said:

I also thought that it would be a fun read, but when it started, I was just so overwhelmed by the links that did not circle back on themselves that I just gave up. I also think that the idea was not very strong, but Sorrells thought the links would solve a lot of the problems with it. For me, at least, it is not intersting to put cliched characters in a cliched situation, no matter what technology is employed. I want something that is new; whether it has hyperlinking text is up to the author.

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