Ignorance is bliss.

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"...Usenet old-timers complained that the communities they had nurtured and maintained according to the rules of netiquette were invaded by clueless newbies who (like me) trampled the flowerbeds, tracked mud into the front parlor, didn't clear our plates when we were finished eating, laughed at all the wrong times, and didn't laugh at the right times." -- Clueless Usenet Newbie: ''Re: Jesus' Birthday''


Two things occurred to me after reading this blog.  The first: I wonder how many times I made a clueless "newbie" error over some means of internet communication and had no idea.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm not all that into any form of internet communication, not that I dislike it, it is just something I've only dabbled in occasionally.  But I do have a Facebook, and I used to frequent AOL instant messenger and other instant messengers in my pre-teen days, and I of course use e-mail frequently today.  So, I can only look back and imagine how many cringe-worthy moments of inappropriate netiquette I produced.  Hundreds, I'm sure. (I was especially interested to learn that some forms of netiquette encourage more formal speech while others prefer slang and abbreviations. And I probably confused the two.)

Besides my hapless internet skills, I also realized that the internet and computer communication isn't as new as I thought it was.  I always assumed that I was one of the last generations to exist (even if I can't remember it) in a time before computers.  Apparently it was just a time before my family caught on to the computer trend.  Little did I know, people were actually communicating via internet for quite some time.  I guess I'm not as "old school" as I thought!



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Kevin Hinton said:

If we look at the internet as an evolution of spreading information, then there would have been at least 1,000 years worth of steps preceeding. But in the 1950's, networking became the rage (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Internet). All one need to realize is that with a sudden change in technology, there is a sudden change with the people that uses it.

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