Just the Basics: Learning the ropes to Writing on the Web

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For the past four weeks, I've been taking a class on how to write for the internet.  I've also been blogging on a regular basis in response to class readings to help focus and guide my learning.  Thus far in the course we've focused on learning the nuts-and-bolts of HTML and CSS code, a world entirely new to me, as well as issues of decorum and professionalism when writing both for and on the internet (e.g., appropriate use of internet shorthand in e-mails, Facebook/MySpace content, use of emoticons, etc.)  Below, I have comprised these blog entries according to the categories of coverage, timeliness, interaction, depth and discussion.  Enjoy & comment!

Coverage - These entries draw concrete logical conclusions from assigned readings

A Difficult Balancing Act - Here, I'm trying to identify with both sides of a controversial topic: young teachers & "appropriate" conduct on Facebook

Ignorance is Bliss - An article on the beginnings of internet communication open my eyes to some new realizations...

The "half-serious" smile seen 'round the world - Among other things, I give examples of appropriate emoticon use in my own experiences

I'm with Smiley - I get a little emotional about emoticons...

Timeliness - These entries I completed before the due dates (basically everything I've done thus far in the semester).

Who's that reading my e-mail?

A Difficult Balancing Act


Ignorance is Bliss

Fun with Castro

The "half-serious" smile seen 'round the world

I'm with Smiley

The Surprisingly Personal Side of Writing for the Web

Stop the Clutter! End the Madness!

Interaction - These entries display class conversations/comments generated from my blog.

A Difficult Balancing Act

I'm with Smiley

The Other English Language

Depth - These entries go beyond the bare-bones; they're detailed and extensive.

The Other English Language

Discussion - These entries show my ability to respond to what my classmates had to say.

Denamarie's blog...and Denamarie's blog again

Jessie's blog

Aja's Blog...and Aja's blog again

Chelsea's blog


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