Give me that old time stuff

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I feel like I've just looked back in time!  These were the computer games made for me.  I can remember playing simple games - well, I say simple, but I think they were even more complex than Adventureland because they required a floppy disk drive and I was playing them on an Apple something-or-other - and I loved them!  And, if I remember correctly, they were just dressed up text-based games.  The Oregon Trail, one of my favorites for example, was basically a text game with a rough computer sketch of an ox (well a greenish/white ox, thanks to the screen) or a wagon.

To see the leaps and bounds that gaming has advanced is amazing.  Gaming isn't something I consider myself even mildly interested in anymore (okay, except for maybe Rock Band) because they all seem to have many of the elements mentioned in the readings, like excessive violence, lack of plot and overemphasis on graphics.  Give me the old time stuff any day.  I'd probably play Adventureland if I could get my hands on it!


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Daniella Choynowski said:

Do you remember the game where you solved math problems to build an alien? It's driving me crazy that I can't think of the name.

My memories of Oregon Trail on those awful green-tinged monitors in 94/95 are coming back to me. They made you think, which is perhaps the reason that I'm seeing more and more scholarship on text based games than regular video games.

Did you know Oregon Trail is now animated? My, how far we have come.

Jed Fetterman said:

I remember that no one could ever beat the one version of Oregon Trail at my school. You would go past the one fort, everyone would get diseases and die.
As for video games now, I agree completely. I always have trouble with the first-person shooters because the one joystick controls where the character moves and the other controls the camera angle. I always get them confused and either can't line up a shot fast enough, or shoot a wall. It is sensory overload!

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