Attack of the Usability Tips!

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In the context of the assignment that this reading was a part of, it was a lot to take in.  Being completely new to usability testing, every point seemed to offer something that I hadn't thought of.  So I wasn't sure which tip to use first when I made my own test.  I felt like I needed to take everything the document offered and apply it to the assignment at hand.  I tried the best I could, but I don't think I got in all in there at the first attempt.  But the document will definitely be something I reference in the future.  It seems like something I'll read over once to take in, but then will only be able to grasp its ideas is when I have it by side when I'm making my next usability test. 

 In particular, the tips on quantifying questions, asking subjects to list, sequencing questions and asking questions in pairs were quite helpful.  This helped me move beyond just asking subjects to perform a series of actions.  Using task-finding activities along with ranked and two-tier opinion questions helped round out the test.  In general then, using all these tips together helps you make the most all-encompassing, helpful test possible.

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