Beta Release: Almost..Kind of..Done.

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Here is the "final" rough draft of my website, my Beta Release.  I tried to covey a general understanding of the SHU World Affairs Forum; I wanted to appeal to students who knew little or nothing about the organization and as such I wanted to inform them of what and who WAF is and what we do. 

The only way to know if I really accomplished this is, of course, is to test my site out on others.  So please, take a minute...check out the site and give me some feedback!  The site is fairly small; a homepage and three interior pages.  All suggestions are welcome.

These are just a couple questions I have, but feel free to comment on anything.

Do you understand WAF?

Are you left with any questions about the organization?

Does anything seem unnecessary or wordy?

Is anything about the design/format distracting or ineffective?


Thanks!  If anyone else is looking for a tester, I'd be happy to return the favor.

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Holy crap! Your site looks AMAZING! Great job hun - I think it's a great asset to WAF, what does Klapak think?


I LOVE IT, Jacqueline! Great-looking website; the organization is clear-cut and the design is unobtrusive. I was happy to see that calendar of events in there, and the links to sister groups. Bravo. Perhaps there could be an RSS feed in the future for the calendar; perhaps more links to organizations that share your group's mission or a script that adds headlines of "world affairs" as they break the news.

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