First impressions count

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After examining and comparing the Saint Vincent College and Seton Hill University Wikipedia articles, I tried to place myself in the shoes of a high school junior or senior who was investigating potential colleges.  And I have to admit, based on these pages I'd be more likely to attend Saint Vincent than Seton Hill.  Although both pages were relatively brief, all the information on the Seton Hill page was grouped into one section, and half of it was dedicated to the tension surrounding the start of the football team.  Now this is a viable point in the school's history, but the football section seemed prominently placed above a few sparse sentences about the clubs and groups at SHU.  In short, I think the page leaves a lot of room for additions, like more detail about SHU’s academic programs, its growth after becoming a university and some of its traditions (Christmas on the Hill, Night on Haunted Hill, etc.)

Granted, Saint Vincent's page didn't have a whole lot of content either, but it did at least have enough to break down into sections like "history," "traditions," and "notable alumni."  It also added a little about the traditions at the school, which I think is something that prospective students (seemingly the most popular audience for these sites) would be interested in reading about.  This may not seem like a big deal, but as far as first impressions go it makes Saint Vincent seem like they have more to offer students, and that the people associated with Saint Vincent care just a little more than those at Seton Hill about making the school look good (I don't really think this is true, both schools have positive and negative aspects.  I think this is what some people could assume if they knew nothing else about the two schools.)  However, when I first searched for the site I typed in "St Vincent College," which directed me to a page about a college in England; this, of course, could be problematic to the Saint Vincent College because it offered no way for visitors to be redirected.  On the whole, then, Saint Vincent's page leaves almost as much to be desired as Seton Hill's page; I don't think either of them does the two great schools justice.

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Alex Hull said:

I agree. St. Vincent's page definitely attracted me more than SHU's page. There was more information and it seemed more reputable. The first impression that each college's Wikipedia page gives is very different. I agree though both pages leave a lot to be desired.

Of course, this isn't the fault of the colleges. They have their own websites that represent them. But because of someone's negligence or misuse of a Wikipedia article, one college or the other might suffer.

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