Growing Pains: Alpha Report

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Today in class, I struggled with my Alpha release.  Because my term project is a website (for the SHU World Affairs Forum), my alpha release contained a complete draft of my homepage, and the frame work for three interior pages.  One interior page (on "events") was partially completed, one was completely finished ("about us") and one was yet to be started ("sister organizations"). 

I had Chelsea Oliver review/test my alpha release.  Her suggestions were primarily on the design/lay out of the site, and she gave positive reviews for the actual "web writing."  Some of her suggestions included:

·         Taking away the menu link for "SHU home" and just linking the SHU logo to the homepage

·         Adding more pictures

·         Adding graphic elements to the sidebar

·         Telling users, under the events page, that all events are usually free and open to anyone

From this alpha testing, I also thought of a few suggestions for my site:

·         Adding a "footer" section to every page with contact information

·         Telling users how they can find out about specific events ("Look for posters around campus.  Watch for a global e-mail." etc...)

Mainly, I had to deal with the imperfection of web design.  I have this ongoing problem that everything I design on my home computer, looks completely screwed up on other computers.  As a perfectionist, this is a tough pill for me to swallow!  I have to remember to focus on the web writing and not completely on the design...ugh. 


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Jackie, I'm glad you found some of my advice helpful. (And thank you for looking over my site as well.) I feel like we are having different problems though. Your site is fine with writing - mine needs more.

And I understand what you mean about being a perfectionist when it comes to making websites. Though my designs usually come up fine on any computer, I understand the frustration that you're feeling. However, if I were you, I would not focus too much on that because your overall design is great, and you have a wonderful site as it is - but still, I understand your want to fix it.

I'm sure Klapak would still be proud of what you've got so far though - because it is a very well organized and properly written website.

Jackie said:

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Chelsea! :)

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