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Death and Tragedy are very difficult scenarios in which people’s hearts and minds are left in very sensitive states. Having a family member killed or injured in tragic incident is already devastating for a family, but having a crew of reporters flocking outside a families door can be seen as insensitive on the newspapers part. Newspapers should be considerate of the feelings of these families, not bombarding them with crews and crews of insensitive reporters only looking for a story. While informing the public is important, newspapers need to train reporters to handle these sensitive situations. If reporters are more compassionate they are more likely to receive more cooperation from the families.

In regards to children in these sensitive stories I believe that they should be left out if all possible in the interviewing phase. Children are not suited to handle these kinds of situations, because they will tell you what they think you want to hear, and they may not understand the questions asked. I believe that children should only be photographed and interviewed by reporters with the consent and presence of the parents. Getting a story is important, but reporters shouldn’t trample on the feelings of interviewers just to attain a news story.

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