Everyone has a secret. Whats Yours?

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I do not understand why so many people seem to be against the usage of anonymous sources. I can understand that some people may be wary of information coming from an unnamed source, but readers need to realize that newspapers have their own regulations put in place, pretty good ones in fact, in regards to using anonymous sources. 

Anonymous sources are often used in regards to sensitive scenarios such as scandals, and information leakage. When writing about such touchy subjects, sources choose to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation for what they have said. For this reason, the practice of using anonymous sources may never end. From my experience, many people are simply scared of being known to the public. They prefer to remain in the background than have their name or opinion known to the public. People are scared to share the opinions in fear of what others may think of them, or what may happen to their reputation. Anonymous sources came about as a way for reporters to get information from sources while protecting them from any sort of retaliation or black listing.  The public should understand that many people are not comfortable having their names in public, which is why they choose to remain in the background.

Also the lack of knowledgeable reporters is an issue. Many reporters are people with majors in journalism or English. However, they usually do not have a vast amount of knowledge in other fields such science, engineering, and Medicine. While many reporters are versed on the limited topics such as writing and communications, they lack in other areas of knowledge which makes difficult to understand the subject matter clearly.


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