True News Covers Both Bad and Good


Like flies drawn to a flame, newspapers and even more television seems to have an attraction to negative news stories. Many stories released focus on the negative findings of an institution, community, or incident. Yes, knowing what is going on in your community and world is important, but reporters should also report on the positive findings, because there are plenty to be read.

Now reporters should not write about every plane that touched down safely because that is not news. Planes are expected to touch down safely by the community, however if a plane does suffer a malfunction, and lands safely reporters should not only cover the malfunction but should also write about the crew and how they managed to land the plane safely.

Also the issue of negative news coverage seems to be an issue in minority communities, especially Hispanic and African-American. Reporters only seemed to cover negative incidents in these areas, such as violence, drugs, and gangs, which presents a negative connotation of the people living and working in these communities. Minority coverage has improved from what I have seen in the news, but overall the majority of news coverage in these areas is negative. Reporters need to create a proper balance of “Bad news”, and “Good news” in their coverage of news as a whole in order to properly call their publications news. 


I agree that the news does cover all things wrong and depressing. I do not know why people can not actually have an interest in the good things going on in the community and across the globe.

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