Are they your opinions or theirs?

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Today’s news stories are saturated with strong levels of negativity that is meant to become the main focus.  This extensive focus on negative news has become an issue with the public leading to their disbelief of newspapers. Reporters often stray from covering the opinions of the mass majority, but instead tends to focus on individuals voicing their negative opinions on views regarding a matter.

The negative angle often reported by reporters is seen as an attention-grabbing angle to newspapers. People do not want to hear about the routine and humdrum ideas of others but instead are interested in the far-reaching and uncommon ideas that are heard everyday.

Along with a focus on negativity, the issue of biasness in news reports has become an issue in the eye of the public. It can be hard for reporters to keep from inserting some of their own feelings into something they write especially in the case political writings. It is inevitable that occasionally a lets his ideas and opinions slip into his work. Now I am not saying reporters should openly insert and push their beliefs onto readers, but readers should not be upset to find small traces of personal opinion in writing. News is meant to inform the public of what is going around them, not on how they should feel about it. Readers should be able to formulate their own opinions and analysis of an article, not fighting with an opinion already given to them. Reporters need to keep in track certain factors such as biasness, negativity, and pursuable stories. 

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I agree the opinion that news stories are often biased and in many cases, must be taken with a grain of salt. There is a lot of focus on foreign events opposed to those happening locally, as you said. It really makes you think that perhaps viewers are not interested in the well being of their community and the people within, but instead interested in an entertaining story.

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