Blogging Carnival: Unusual Perspectives from women of their time

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Michelle Tantlinger and I are both fascinated with the story "The Yellow Wallpaper".  She recently told me about a story written by Chopin called "The Awakening" written around the same time as Gilman's story.  After reading through parts of it, it becomes quite obvious that both were breaking the mold of the norm for women writers of their time.


james lohr said:

During my last paper, i was playing with the idea of whether or not the feminist reading of "The Yellow Wallpaper" was the correct one. Do you think that it is possible that Gilman wasn't writing so much about how men were holding women back, as much as she was about how only women can take control of themselves? I noticed how the main character in this story seemed to allow others control over her, and it is only when she loses her mind that she finally takes the reigns. What do you think?

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Michelle Tantlinger said:

In response to your question, JR, I think that women needed to gain control of their own destinies. For so long it was only acceptable to do what they were told. Women didn’t and couldn’t break out of that domestic realm. Chopin, Gilman and Glaspell gave women the courage to align themselves with the “Great Tradition” rather than just with the domestic tradition women had always been subjected to.

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