Iser: Someday Father, I will be more than an "implied reader"

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"...the implied reader as a concept has his roots firmly planted in the structure of the text; he is a construct and in no way to be identified with any real reader" (Iser 145).

     If a story was written without an implied reader, would it be interesting at all.  There are certain structures applied to works that as humans, as readers, we are accustomed to viewing.  Without a point of conflict, would the story be worth reading?  Would it be believable, there is always conflict if only to a small degree in life, and without it in a story, no matter in what genre that story was written, it would be lacking without this.  Maybe it is simply a comfort point of story telling, but I find it hard to come up with any examples where I would find interest in a work lacking one of the critical elements we find throughout stories, from all over the world.


Bill said:

Great post, enjoyed the read.

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