Yachnin: Guess which hand my revolution is in...

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"...it seems clear that the majority of the English people throughout the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods both espused a doctrine of a political obedience and renounced any idea of active resistance" (Yachnin 35).  Don't you just love it when the cattle like masses all moo in unison about how their mooing doesn't accomplish anything.  Join the herd and do nothing about a government you don't agree with, just let them do what they wish.


Erica Gearhart said:

This comment is really fun! I agree that often people don't take advantage of their rights in this country, and according to Yachnin, in Shakespeare's time. It seems, however, that The Tempest attempts to suggest a movement away from this idea. All of the characters are vying for power and attpemting to overthow those in charge. Why do you think Shakespeare got away with this in a time when the trend was to back the government?

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