September 22, 2005

Sept. 20th Edition Trib

In the September 20th edition of the Tribune-Review, I found in the Business Section on Page C-1 an article about a massive looting from the former CEO of Tyco. This article was not very long, but man was it effective writing. In my last newswriting article, I discussed about how discipline and independence in writing can be united, even though they seem so far apart. This article is a perfect example.

In big print it says, "Ex-Tyco executive sentenced"(4 words). Underneath it says, "Former CEO and finance chief may serve 25 years." It goes straight to the point, and doesn't "BS" the reader. The straight facts are right up-front.

One of the most noticeable facts about this article was the verbal illustration of Dennis Koslowski's (the man who committed the crime) wife. It says quote "Koslowski, 58, was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs as his wife quietly sobbed from a bence three rows back." This writer just gave a vivid description, while giving some sympathy for his wife, WITHOUT BEING BIAS!

The writer, Samuel Maull of the Associated Press, also gave strict facts, evident quotes, and a riveting story. This story was very riveting because it gave emotions and opinions, not from the writer, but from the people he interviewed. "He's a good man, He's a decent person, His reputation has been tarnished but his life should not be destroyed" said his lawyer (I know that it's his lawyer, but it's not the point).

I think that this article was well written in so many aspects, and I wanted to note it on my blog. Thanks, and let me know what you think.

Posted by The Gentle Giant at September 22, 2005 08:10 PM
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