October 20, 2005

Peter Peter the Spousal Abuser!

I decided to use Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater as my nursery rhyme/crime story:

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,
Had a wife and couldn't keep her.
He put her in a pumpkin shell
And there he kept her, very well.

I found two stories that are really associative to the particular nursery rhyme. The two stories I found were:

"Charges Pending in Wife and Mother-in-Law Murder"

"Kilgore Campaign Shifts Crime Focus to Battered Wives"

These stories both focus on spousal abuse and something being done about it. I am still slightly confused about the overall assignment, so if anyone can help me out, I don't know how we are supposed to contribute the fictional story to the newsstories.

If anyone can help me that would be great.

Posted by The Gentle Giant at October 20, 2005 01:19 PM

Your article topic is close to my heart; someone dear to me was a victim of spousal abuse. It crosses socioeconomic levels and is a bigger problem than people think it is.

Try to think of your fairytale as a story. Start somewhere like the arrest or maybe an indictment or conviction. Fill in the blanks by making up a scenario.

The husband of the person I knew was arrested. The District Attorney filed charges and the judge found probable cause. The accused pled not-guilty and there was a bench trial where he was found guilty. If he then admitted guilt, the judge offered probation (since he had no prior record) with the stipulation that he attend mandatory anger-management sessions. He pled guilty but somehow wrangled his way out of the anger-management. They subsequently divorced. It was a sad situation.

Posted by: NancyGregg at October 22, 2005 12:53 PM

Jay, I like your topic. I think you will be able to create a good crime story. As far as the articles you found I think we are supposed to analyze the word choices and the structure, so that we can write our story (based on the fairytale) in the correct structure of a news crime story. Atleast that is what I did.

Posted by: Jenna O'Brocto at October 24, 2005 05:04 PM

My only concern for this particular mother goose tale is that I might not have enough information to go off of. I'm really going to have to stretch this out. Thanks for your opinion though.

Posted by: Jason Pugh at November 10, 2005 07:35 PM
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