November 28, 2005

We The Media Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of We The Media has really left me at a torn stage of what I think about journalism. It is obvious that personal journalism is effective to spreading the news, but it is also effective in creating opinions which people might actually feel to be true news. Journalism is a business in today's society, and one quote that I did find effective was on Page 8 when Gillmor wrote "Personal technology wasn't just about going online. It was about the creation of media in new and, crucially, less expensive ways (Gillmor 8).

It is clearly obvious that the amount of money spent in print journalism, as well as TV journalism is very high. So yes, online journalism is very inexpensive. But is it really reliable? Look at how many people create their own news, and in some cases, they don't get it right. What are we to do then? I think that print journalism, though more expensive is much more reliable because jobs are at stake if they mess up. There is LESS ROOM for error, which means more accurate reporting. I really think that I am just not trusting online journalism right now, although I am finding good qualities that it possesses.

Posted by The Gentle Giant at November 28, 2005 03:52 PM
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