November 28, 2005

We The Media Chapter 6

"We are hearing new voices - not necessarily the voices of people who want to make a living by speaking out, but who want to say what they think and be heard, even if only by relatively few people." (Gillmor 139).

This quote was in the Citizen Journalist: Bloggers (and more) Everywhere section, focusing on the discussion of New Media, especially Blogging, in a more advanced society. We have the privelege of the First Amendment to help us with our journalism capabilities, and with that, comes effective writing. It is good to know that I, Jason Pugh (lol), can report the news at any time. What I also find somewhat relieving is that accuracy is still important, although not necessarily mandatory to online journalism. Consequences could occur, which is very good to know, if someone does not report ideas, news, or anything else accurately.

Another important idea to online journalism, is feedback. Instead of waiting for an editor's opinion, forums can receive feedback immediately. If someone is wrong, so many others can report the accurate information. Although it makes you look like a fool, the correct information is now out into the mainstream.

One more thing, who would have thought that Wikipedia could actually be a reliable source. Anything inaccurate is filtered through and taken off, so the correct info is published on the webpage for the people, by the people. I find this to be very interesting, and it is good to know that the filtering process is occurring. "Wikipedia draws strength from its volunteers who catch and fix every act of online vandalism" (Gillmor 149). GOOD.

Posted by The Gentle Giant at November 28, 2005 04:16 PM

I think it's good you pointed out how information should be accurate, even if you're blogging about something. Even if you're not a journalist, it's still important to get the facts straight.

Blogs that are well-researched and have a lot of sources are taken more seriously than a one-paragraph blog that says, "I feel such and such."

Granted, not all of us have time to sit down and write nice, long, and meaningful blog entries (and I can't even seem to do the one-paragraph thing these days), but I know that whenever I get around to it, I usually get a lot of feedback. If people see you've put a lot of work into something, they'll be more inclined to give you their thoughts.

Posted by: Valerie Masciarelli at December 1, 2005 04:40 PM

It is important to get the fact straight Val, especially since it is our duty as the citizen reporter. That is what makes me skeptical and excited at the same time about online journalism. It is clear that online journalism is meant to be for the better, but there are still flaws that are evident, and need to be removed or separated from the online news category. Thank you for responding.

Posted by: Jason Pugh at December 1, 2005 06:23 PM
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