February 01, 2006

Close Reading and Writing

"Suppose...that the passage is fatually descriptive or that it introduces a major character or raises a major idea." (55).

After reading this section of the "Writing for Literature" book, I have come to realize that essays, not only of Close Reading Assignments but overall, need structure. Structure is absolutely critical to writing a solid paper. Three parts of this structure are mandatory: Introduction, Body, Conclusion. The introduction MUST have a thesis of some sort, the body must support it, and the conclusion has to explain what was covered in the thesis.

This structure sets up order, and I use it in every paper I write. The basic structure is very important, and the body should be broken up into the support concepts to the main idea. That is how I structure my paper. Close Reading is basically unraveling a work, by completely looking at every word, every sentence, and finding a meaning behind it. At least that's me...what about you?

Posted by The Gentle Giant at February 1, 2006 02:05 AM
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