February 21, 2007

The Wonderful World of the Blogosphere: Number One

http://blogs.setonhill.edu/JasonPugh/019352.htmlPortfolio I -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

So here is the first of the the three final blog portfolios I will have completed. I really feel like I am coming down to the final stretch of my college career, and I must say that I would hope to use weblogs after I am gone from Seton Hill. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I have really enjoyed the blogs for the most part (never thought I'd say that ever).

As for literary criticism, I feel like I am understanding how one can make an argument with three different types of criticism. Literary criticism is certainly a complex method to interpret a piece of literature, so that we can feel closer to multiple different types of individuals. I am fascinated by literary criticism, but I am still a pawn in this giant chess game, and hopefully I might move up to rook status one day.

So far my favorite type of criticism is a tie right now, between authorial intent and reader-response. I feel like I can understand reader-response more, but I am more interested in the history of the society, and what their society's conventions consist of. Both are great, and if the next batch is like the first, then I will still be enjoying literary criticism.

ANYWAY, Here is the first collection of weblog for Blog Portfolio One (What the categories fall under are in parentheses). First of all, every single one of these blogs are under the categories of COVERAGE and TIMELINESS, so I am going to mark those as C & T in parentheses:

Platonic Criticism from Murfin and Ray (C & T)
What is Literature? An Eagleton Reading (C & T)
Keesey: An Introduction to Literary Criticism (Discussion, Interaction, C & T)
Benito Cereno: A Melville Not-So-Short Story (Depth, Interaction, C & T)
Breaking Away from Tradition (Depth, Discussion, Interaction, C & T)
WORD(S) OF THE WEEK: Authorial Intention (Interaction, C & T)
Keesey Chapter 1: Historical and Authorial Intention (C & T)
Hirsch's "Objective Interpretation" (C & T)
Melville's Relation to American Society (Interaction, C & T)
The Yellow Wallpaper: Once Again Depth, Interaction, Discussion, C & T)
Shakespeare and Justice (C & T)
Murfin and Ray: The Word of the Week (C & T)
Watson Did Not Solve This Case (Depth, Interaction, C & T)
Audience = Historical Intention: A Yachnin Piece (Interaction, C & T)
Austin, Hirsch, and Keats: An Interpretation of One Line (Depth, C & T)
Keesey: Chapter 2 Formalism (Interaction, C & T)
Insert Ironic Statement Here-----> (C & T)
Style: Murfin and Ray Week 4 (C & T)
McDonald's Essay = I'm Lovin It Interaction, Discussion, C & T)
Kent and Keats: A Grammatical Disconnection Interaction, C & T)
O'Connell and the Important Narrator (C & T)
Iser Knows his Readers (C & T)
You Knew There Had to be Feminism... (Interaction, C & T)
Keesey Chapter Three (C & T)

The Blog Carnival Entry (Courtesy of Karissa Kilgore):

Karissa has been very helpful with the Blog Carnival Entry, and I feel like that this experience has been very influential. My blog carnival entry is concerned with the a recap of what my favorite criticism has been to this point. I feel like this was a great topic to discuss, because we never really have the opportunity to say how we feel about the particular criticism we are dicussing in class.

Blog Carnival Entry: Favorite Type of Criticism

The Comments

Many of these comments could be considered as Comment Primo or Comment Informative, because they are not comments that say I like this, or I don't like that, but they will still be separated. Here is the Xenoblog:

Comment Primo

Valerie Masciarelli's "The Healthy Combination?"
Kevin Hinton's "Not in a Vacuum"
Karissa Kilgore's "Our Own Thoughts on the Urn Ode"
Kevin McGinnis's "Watson? Can you Hear Me? Watson, I need you!"
Mitchell Steele's "Aesthetics, or my wife at three in the morning"

The Comment Grande

Erin Waite's "Kolodny Makes Me Rant, Not Read"
Valerie Masciarelli's "Yellow Wallpaper, back and more disgusting than ever!"

The Comment Informative

Sue Myers's "EL312: Objective Inerpretation"
David Moio's "Why Lock Up the Beast?"
Gina Burgese's "Is it always about me?" (P.S. The first two comments are mine).
Diana Geleskie's "The Hamlet of Last Tuesday"

The Wildcard

If you really would like to be able to get inside of my head, personally, then read this blog. I really opened myself up on this one. Here it is:

WildCard: A Blog of Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence

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