February 25, 2007

Donovan: A Better Feminist Essay

Donovan, ''Beyond the Net: Feminist Criticism as a Moral Criticism'' -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

"For a feminist, moral literature is one which affirms the life of women, as well as all other creatures" (Keesey 230).

Alright Donovan! This is actually a critical essay that does not bash another essay, or is set up like a high school paper. Donovan argues multiple valid points about the history of women, and how unrealistic situations have been shown for women in literature. This is not one sided, because there are situations that overcompensate for one gender, and the other gender is left to not be as important or realistic to the society. The interesting thing to note is the mentioning that the only way that a female character became important is because of the audience's perception of the realistic nature of the character's actions or nature. Overall, Donovan provides many effective critical points in her essay, and while she does show the portrayal of multiple female characters, she also shows the importance of focusing on all genders as an important part of mimetic criticism.

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