February 25, 2007

Gilbert and Gubar and The Imprisonment of Women

Gilbert and Gubar, ''The Yellow Wallpaper'' -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

"Moreover, conditioned to believe that as a house she is herself owned (and ought to be inhabited) by a man, she may once again but for yet another reason see herself as inescapably an object" (Keesey 261).

Out of respect for Karissa, I am not going to say anything about the feminist essay. The main reason why I did not appreciate the Kolodny piece is because of the lack of evidence behind the essay. It would have been a better essay, if it would have been less of a rant against men, and more of a critical essay.

As for this critical essay, Gilbert and Gubar present many effective situations on the literal and metaphorical imprisonment of women in the late 1800's, and why the cure became the actual poison for the women in that society. I think that there is a reality behind the metaphors in the "The Yellow Wallpaper," and the imprisonment of the main female character is believable because of the overall imprisonment of women by the men in their era. Creating a comparison between the house and the woman is actually is a genial thought, and through this essay, I have a greater understanding of what a mimetic criticism looks for, and why it is important to literary criticism as a whole.

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