May 2, 2007

The FINAL (Yes...the Final) Blog Portfolio

Portfolio III -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

This is it! This is the final blog portfolio of my college career. While I am definitely excited about the conclusion of this course, there is a part of me that will miss it as well. Did Dr. Jerz put a blog spell on me? Because I am now convinced that I enjoyed this course, and for the most part, the blogging. So what did I learn about the Weblog Portfolio? I have learned that there is another way to communicate besides speaking in class. I have learned that people who are shy and meak in class, and geniuses on the blog. I have learned that more ideas come from a group of people than just myself. And I have finally learned that the arguing is not always the method to get your point across; it needs to be exactly what it is: a forum.

As for my favorite criticism, I still would have to say that the Mimetic Criticism is my favorite, with intertextuality second, and this new historicism a close third. I really enjoyed learning about different criticisms, and I certainly liked to create my own criticism: the idealism criticism. I really have had some fun with this course, and my most memorable moment was working with Karissa Kilgore (the Kiz) on the term project concerning AIM. I have never had so much fun in an English class, unless you consider the Shakespeare presentation to which I was in tights, and Stephan Puff was in a red dress.

I have been very reflective of my experience at Seton Hill, and I must say that I have really gained as a person. I have grown from the pompous, arrogant freshman who considered himself as an athlete, to the future teacher with a greater knowledge of Literature, and the history associated with it.

Without further a due, here is the final (I can't believe it) Weblog Portfolio. I hope that all will enjoy:


De Man Tells it Like it Is
Loose Ends are Intentional: A Miko Essay
Guetti Gets Down to Business
Feldstein and the Reader-Respoststructuralist Criticism
Keesey Chapter 7 Introduction
Eagleton and Culture as the Base
Belsey and Representation of History
Greenblatt and A Different Spin on Culture
Garson and Keats's Historical Knowledge
Barker and Hrume: Reading the Readings
Dock and Friends: Show Me the Struggle


The Kiz and I totally tore this project apart. I was so excited whenever we were compiling this project, and I was definitely satisfied with the outcome. We put a lot of hard work into this, and I think that this class was my favority yet because of all of the creative presentations. Kudos to all of you, they were simply awesome!

EL312 Term Project: Me and the Kiz


Here is the reflection of the content and writing behind Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels:

Term Paper Draft Completed: I Think...

Here is a reflection of critiquing Denamarie Ercolani's Final Paper on the Psychoanalytical Criticism of "The Tempest" and "Cinderella"

Reflection of Denamarie Ercolani's Final Paper


Tiffany decided to host a blog carnival that takes a look at the Educational side to literature. I was definitely excited about this one!

Blog Carnival: The Education Perspective


Valerie Masciarelli's "A History Lesson"
Kevin Hinton's "Growing Up Guetti"
Karissa Kilgore's "We're Fictioning All the Time"
Denamarie Ercolani's "De Man Showed Me the Sign"
David Moio's "I Wonder if Miko Drives His Lunchmates Crazy"
Mitchell Steele's "Garson a Little Fem?"
Vanessa Kolberg's "The Irony of Wallpaper - Feldstein Presentation"
Tiffany Brattina's "Marx? A Literary Critic?"
Gina Burgese's "Society Dictates our Life"
Kevin McGinnis's "A Return to Innocence: Don Keesey's Exile to Historical-Cultural Criticism"


Here is a wildcard entry on the influence of my four year experience at Seton Hill University:

The Difference Between Change and Growth: A Final Reflection

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