January 29, 2004

"Freaky" Flash Fiction

I read a few of the twisted, yet interesting "Fifty Word Fiction" stories. I was actually quite intrigued by some of the ones that I read. Here are a few of the stories that I found to be exciting to a certain sense:

1. Jealousy
2. Fights
3. San Francisco
4. Loose Like a Noose
5. Tea Leaves

These stories, although deranged, definitely brought a certain issue of realism to the reader. Some parts of society have the instances occur, and the stories (although fictional) could have happened at an earlier point in time. I read more than four or five "Fifty Word Fiction" stories, but those five were the five stories that made me think about how rough and wrong society actually can be. Don't get me wrong, many good things happen in society, and to different people. But these awful and horrible things have happened and can happen. I really enjoyed the sense of realism, even though the stories were very shrilling.

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January 27, 2004

Hard News= Yuck!

I understand that hard news stories are very important to the better learning of people in general, but how boring can it be sometimes? Hard news stories have no opinions or feelings, unless it comes from someone else's mouth. I would rather read an editorial just to hear what other people think. For instance, I really like to blog now, because I get to read what other people have to say, whether I like it or not. Either way...I am going to check to see what other people write just so I can agree or disagree with the person that wrote the certain article.

I was having a discussion with Amanda on why the sports section in a newspaper is so important to not only the city of Pittsburgh, but just society in general. Would a reader rather listen to the depressing news that is happening in the world, (i.e. Four Dead in Motorcycle Accident, Bird Flu Hitting Southwest...) or would someone rather get a break from reality by seeing whether or not their favorite team has won? I know that if the Pittsburgh Steelers get a victory on Sunday, then I am in a better mood for Monday. I am just tired of hearing no feelings put into depressing news articles. Even if something good happens to society, then no emotion is still put into the article. An editorial has opinions, and that is why I feel that they are better to write and read. If some people don't like it...too bad!

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January 19, 2004

Presentation of Blogging, By Julie Young

I honestly think that Julie Young's presentation on Weblogs and "blogging" was very beneficial and important to the better knowledge of the classroom. But some of the topics she discussed made "blogging" seem like boring and tedious work. My classmates (i.e. Karissa and Amanda) showed me otherwise. I think "blogging" is fun, because it shows the development and progress that we will have shown throughout our experience here at Seton Hill. No offense to Julie, but her presentation made me feel like "blogging" was going to be a chore. I thank my classmates and friends for showing me otherwise.

Another topic that bothered me, is that we have to "restrict" what we say about ourselves because this is an academic weblog. But here is a $64,000 question(my dad is so old!) If we can't write what we really feel, then how will people really know who we are? Emotions is what makes life great! Emotions and feelings describe a passion toward something important to them. Do people honestly think that great writers such as Edgar Allan Poe and Jonathan Swift "restricted what they said because they cared what other people think? I don't think so. Julie, it was a good presentation. But don't make a weblog seems like a boring emotionless chore, because no one will weblog.

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Censorship: Should We Even Say That?

I think that censorship is slightly bogus in a certain sense...Censorship does not really indicate any feeling or interpretation; it is okay to a certain extent, (i.e. profanity or threats toward others) but in today's society...there is too much protection by the use of censorship. People need to get out of their "censorship bubbles," and start focusing on reality.

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Ugly Paper, Good Story

The short literature piece, The Yellow Wallpaper, is a mysterious and a slightly confusing short piece of writing. I actually liked it, even though I thought that I never would have. The significance of the yellow wallpaper and its relation to certain characters made this story quite good. I did not like the ending whenever John faints. I think that the scene is very overdramatic and unnecessary. If the main character actually commits suicide (which is under slight debate right now), then why would he faint? I think that him being in tears or something would have been better.

Overall, I liked this short story, and I hope that we read more. But I really hope that we read more stories with male authors and more action. I took a course last semester called "Contemporary Women Writers." Many of my classmates that were in this class are in Intro to Lit. now. I am so tired of hearing stories with no action. I like emotions and I like mystery, but action and comedy work as well. This really was a good short story though.

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Hey this is me!

Hey this is my blog, I'm Jay, just so you know. Look, something I say might be offensive...and if you don't like it, then take it off. I am as much of a realist as one can get, and those that know me know that I am not one to sit and play games with people. If people are so wanting to find the truth, then stop pretending the answer is always going to be "fantastic." Dreams and fantasies; they are great...that is what makes people set goals. But reality definitely is what shows us our limits. Some people really need to know the difference between fantasy and reality. Reality is harsh...but at least it's the truth!

Now that's off my chest. Here is what you should know about me. I am a tennis player here at Seton Hill University. I have always set myself to achieve in academics and athletics. I am an English major here at SHU, and I am trying to be certified as an English professor. I love sports, women, and great food. I am really a simpleton. If you like me, then you like me. If you don't then...I'll make you like me! Just kidding. Not everyone is going to like you. The ones that don't...you are better off without them. Much love and respect to all, and know that the things I say are not meant to offend.

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