February 16, 2004

Build-ups for Buildings

Here is the latest news on the new residence hall and recreation center here at Seton Hill University. It has been told that the new recreational center is consisting of a new gymnasium seating over 1,000 people, an indoor track on the second floor, and a new weight room with coaches offices and locker rooms. I can't wait for it!!! This is expected to be completed no later than the very end of 2004.

The new residence halls are to be completed by the beginning of next school term in late August. Unfortunately for freshman and sophomores, you will not be living in these dorms. These dorms are for upperclassmen (mostly female) and lucky for them, they are supposed to be gorgeous looking rooms. I guess that I am not as excited for that, but it should be a great addition to this rising campus.

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Spring Breakin' It

Ladies and gentleman, the beautiful and glorified time that we all know as spring break is definitely coming up this friday! My question to all is:

What are you going to be doing?!?!?!

Get up and do something nice for someone you love, especially if you missed valentines day. I am going down to see my best friends down at WVU, and then to take my parents out to dinner (because they always take me out to dinner. :'P). So my question that you people better respond to is, and I repeat:

What are you going to be doing?!?!?!?!

Respond and give me your best!

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February 08, 2004

Setonian Sports Section Stumbling

I am sorry, but this most recent issue of the Setonian was not very impressive. The most impressive thing in the Setonian was the comics (which I commend Mike Rubino). These words are not only coming from me, but I am the one speaking them out loud. The sports section was nothing close to what a normal sports section would be. There were no stats, no scores, and articles describing how the teams are playing.
I would like to offer my help to the Setonian, mainly to help accomplish these goals. The editorials given were good, but those were the only things in the sports section besides the basketball schedule. Not many people know how the sports teams are doing this year, and this definitely not a good thing. I feel that I could be a good asset to the sports section team. But I would really like to just find out the stats and scores, so that the sports fans on Seton Hill can finally be pleased.
If my help is not needed, and others think that the Setonian sports page is great the way it is, then that is perfectly fine. But I honestly feel that the sports section of the Setonian needs help.

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February 02, 2004

Super Freaky Fiction

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I am going to attempt a stab at this "Fifty Word Fiction" stories. So here it goes:

They were to be married in the fall. But that didn't stop him from what he did. She realized that nothing would ever become of him. So she did what emotions told her to do. He thought he was the most powerful thing on the earth. Apparently, the shotgun disagreed.

Reply and let the comments flow!

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