March 30, 2004

Death is one Crazy Mo Fo

"Death be Not Proud" by John Donne is a poem that I really enjoyed to read. The poem speaks in the first person and says "Hey! I am slapping you right in the face Death!" I really like how Donne makes death seem small and weak. Toward the end of the poem, he shows how death is nothing but a "slave to Fate, Chance, kings, and desperate men..." This poem is 14 lines of a brutal putdown of death. Donne gives a certain feeling that he is superior to Death, and that Death can not have an effect on him. I also really like how he tells death that it is his turn to die. One more thing I like about this poem is that it leaves a sense of optimism about death. I do not like or enjoy poetry that much, but this is a poem that I would read more than once. This is a well known poem, and now I can definitely see why.

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March 25, 2004

Jocks are Taking Over SHU!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am so tired of people complaining about "the jocks" getting scholarship money, and the academic students are hoo. I am sorry, but athletes do not need to be getting a new one ripped, especially because of the revenue being brought in. I mean, why do you think that they brought male athletics in? Because it appeals more to we have male and female sports representing the school. So those of you that aren't in sports, STOP COMPLAINING! And we won't complain about you.

NAIA = Peanuts? Not in a few years. Because when Seton Hill brings in the football team, this school should and will be going Division 2 NCAA. For right now, NAIA is higher than D3 schools. So before people that know nothing about collegiate sports start running their mouths, make sure that they know what they are talking about. Athletics has caused this school to bring in more revenue than it ever has before.

Understand this now. There is nothing you can do to stop the athletic development for this school, so just DEAL WITH IT! Pretty soon, there will be more of us than there will be of you. Athletics is a BIG reason why Seton Hill University has become what it has. I think that having athletics at this school, especially football, is a great idea. As for a marching band? You can't have a marching band with a football field, or a football team for that matter.

Once again, I am so tired of people complaining that athletes get the scholarships for this school. Why not? This school didn't even come close to the money it is producing now. So SUCK IT UP!!!!!!

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March 10, 2004

Blank Verse Blues

Blank verse is hard! I don't know how this Shakespeare guy did it, but he must have been one of the most prolific writers ever! :'P I am giving it my best shot...trying to write a sonnet.

Sonnet 1: Truck Hits Girl

I watched the girl with the blonde hair walk by
She stroll'd like she had nothing wrong that day
Her hair flow'd like a stream; I tell no lie
She glanc'd at me, I wish'd that she could stay
But ah! She fell down because of her shoe
Her ankle in much pain, she could not move
I ran far down the street to her rescue
But a small problem was that I fell too
I raised myself and ran to help the dame
Stumbling, fumbling; seeming to entertain
I hop'd that I did not look very lame
She appeared to be in so much pain
I ran to her but I was just to late
Poor girl, the truck had seem'd to meet her fate. was worth a try at least. Let me know what you think.

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March 2, 2004

Back Already!

Do you ever notice how you come back to school from a long break? Do you ever ask yourself, "where did it go? I know that I didn't leave it anywhere. :-P" These 9-10 days were the fastest days of this schoolyear for me, and I want them back! If there was only one way to which we could have like 3-4 months of a break from school, that would be the greatest. Oh wait, we do already, it's called summer vacation. Please focus on the word "VACATION."

If any of you had a great break, let me know, I actually do want to hear about it. If you just slept the break away, I want to hear about it so I can yell at you for a while. Just kidding, it will be for more than a while :-P. Also, whoever reads this, make sure that you tell me your views toward the nearing of summer. By the way, don't forget to finish that news article!!! Hope you did that over spring break! That's another topic to discuss:

Why do teachers and professors give homework over any break. IT'S CALLED A BREAK FOR A REASON!!!!! I spent a lot of time meeting some new faces (some better than others), but working on a journalism paper and an arguement paper for two different classes was not what I usually call "a break."
Oh well, I feel better about getting it done at least, if there is a bright side to this.

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