April 28, 2004

Well, Well, Well...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We did it!!! Another year that of what is called "hell," I mean "school" has come to and end. I am so glad that my freshman year has come to an end, and I can't wait for the summer. I will miss a good bit of you, for all of you have taught me something. But everyone, GO HOME! See your families, and enjoy the summer!

This is the time to which I ask you other bloggers...What will you be doing? Name one thing that you would really just love to do...and do it! Don't think twice, go with your gut feeling and do it. Let me know what all of you are doing for the summer.

On a serious note, I never really saw how hard college really was until I saw a few people that were close to me quit school. I wish those people would have reconsidered, but what can ya do. For those still doing well in college, or just doing, good luck, don't stop, and God bless! If you ever need a contact, my email is Pug5044@acad.setonhill.edu. GOOD BYE!!!!!!!

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Witty Wit

What can be said about W;t, dumb plot, but incredible style of writing. This is one of the best terrible plays that I have ever read. I absolutely loved the subconscious thinking while the Doc was talking to her. I love how she talked to the audience as someone else was talking to her. I think that is so hard to write, and twice as hard to perform. I think that took a lot of creativity to write something like that.

The plot was kind of dumb, a woman with cancer that goes through all of the troubles, and ends up dying. Eh, it was alright. But the style of writing that Margaret Edson used was extraordinary. I like the small bit of cinisism and sarcasm used (if you could catch it), and I think that was what made the style that much better. If I had to rate this play from 1 - 10, I would probably give it a 6.24356435769787656, roughly. :-P

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April 26, 2004

Why Does a Research Paper Seem so Hard at First?

Honestly though, finding the research is half the battle. It seems so difficult to write a research paper, when all it is writing one giant literary criticism. Once all of the information is retrieved, then writing the paper will just come to you. I am experiencing this now. I hated it when I had to go and find the research, but now that I did, it's cake. I am typing, and all of a sudden.......BOOM! 3 1/2 pages are already complete. So those of you struggling, or holding off, just take 1 hour, and BUST YOUR BUTT! You'll find that you really accomplished a lot.

Don't get me wrong, I hate writing research papers, but I do know that once it is done, nothing but satisfaction comes to mind. I don't usually like to write research papers because they are not about what you say, it's about what other people say. I especially don't like this "find an argument and support both" crap. I am finding research to gain credibility on one of the topics, not both. But, oh well. What needs done has to get done.

This particular research paper does not seem to bad (because it's on an author I really love). For the people in EL150, HANG ON! We only have like 42 million things to complete in this last week after the research paper! :'P But honestly, just think, in two weeks we will be back home enjoying ourselves. As for now, this research paper is not that bad, SO JUST DO IT (don't you love the CAPS!)!

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April 25, 2004

A Diamond Age is Forever

How many people really felt that "A Diamond Age" was not very tasteful in the beginning of the story? I will tell you, I honestly thought that this was going to be the absolute WORST STORY EVER!!!!! I thought it was tasteless, useless, and boring. I was bored and I didn't understand what the story was talking about with the Primer, and how Nell uses it. It jumped from many differents parts of the story, and for that I hated it. But...........

I ended up really liking the story. I was not really a big fan of Sci-Fi books, but I now have a new found respect for them. I don't know why I liked this book, but Stephenson really did something to make me like it. I liked that ending (no matter how short it was!) between Carl Hollywood, Nell, and Miranda. I also liked the Networking section. I think that took a lot of creativity to write something like that. One thing that I was still not very pleased with, was how much rape was involved in this story. I don't think that much detail and well...RAPE was needed. But I think that it was a good addition to "spice up" the book. The drummers also deserve a shoutout, for they made the book exciting.

There were many ups and downs on "The Diamond Age," and I don't really think that I would read it again, but if a sequel came out, I would read that too. This book completely opened my eyes to a new genre of writing, and that was why I really liked it.

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English and Education

For people that are also English majors with attempting to get a certification in Education, you could probably understand. Being an English major can definitely conflict sometimes with being a future teacher. There are not many English majors to begin with, and there are even fewer planning to be certified. It can help drastically though whenever a person has to write a 2 page paper. I now love those "little" assignments. Writing 7-8 pages also does not seem as bad as it did in high school. But being both has its ups and its downs as well.

I recently had to teach a lesson plan about Shakespeare in my ED 201 Instructional Strategies class. I never really realized how little people really knew about Shakespeare, and his literary works. Teaching this lesson was quite difficult, even though I ended getting a very good grade. Being an English major can be very difficult because not many people know English Literature. It's not like math, to where even the basics are completely understood.

Overall, I love being an English major. I love to write, and I am beginning to open up to new styles of literature. Even though it has its conflicts, I know that this major is the major that I want to begin a career with. I'm sure that I will have more conflicts in the future between my major and other obstacles, but I know that I will be ready for them!

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April 12, 2004

Some Will Be Shocked

Some will be shocked to hear this, but I think that I am turning a new leaf with my views of journalism. Maybe, and I mean maybe journalism is not that bad. I read an article about a U.S. civilian being kidnapped in Iraq, and I must say that sometimes a person needs control in certain issues, instead of saying what they feel all of the time. The article was very composed and gave a small partial side toward the U.S., but the control of the article was very good, not ranting out toward the Iraqi people.

I am not saying that I like journalism more than I like editorials, editorials are just fun. But what I am saying, is that journalism might not be as bad as I thought it was. It is needed in newspapers (there, are you happy Amanda!), and some articles can still be interesting without the need of an opinion. But if the rest of the world doesn't mind, I am going to stick with the SPORTS SECTION!!! :-P

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