Has anyone seen a Faber lately?

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"I think this is not a worrying issue at all," said Richard Sterling, emeritus executive director of the National Writing Project, which aims to improve the teaching of writing.

You think that it is not worrying?  What about if you started reading Hamlet and the line read "2B or not 2B, that is the ?"  With all due respect to Mr. Sterling, I take writing seriously.  I love to read, and if you could make money (or $, for those of u TXTing out there) by just reading books, no teaching or anything like that, then I would not bother trying to become an author.  And that is why it always scares me when a report such as this comes out.

Maybe it is because all of my friends went to college to become engineers that I cannot help but wonder if we are the last generation to write books.  Will we be the last humans to care about tone and meaning and symbolism?  Are we the last one's to write love letters instead of sending our significant others something like "What R U doing 2nite?"

I agree that this does present an opportunity to teach children of the different formalities of the written word, but I also know that technology tends to have a larger hold on these children than their educators.  Our teachers and professors need to ask themselves whether they want to be like Faber in Fahrenheit 451 and wait until it is too late to speak, or whether they want to reach out and save their. my, beloved books.  After all, today's texters are tomorrow's authors whether we like what they say or not.

I have nothing useful to say about the thoughtfulness of this blog.  Peace out :-)

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Christina Celona said:

I really liked the points you made here. As a someday-writer, the idea that society will completely devalue spelling and grammar as we know it is terrifying to me. I know language is a living thing, and it's meant to grow and change, but how can someone feel warm and fluttery inside when someone texts "ohai i

If spelling becomes open to interpretation, how will we be able to read books? How will we be able to communicate?

Christina Celona said:

Wow, it totally took a chunk out of the middle of my comment. It was supposed to be 'how can someone feel warm and fluttery inside when someone texts "ohai, i *heart* u LOL" as opposed to seeing a handwritten "I love you"?'

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