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 "...a Marquette University dental student, recently was suspended for the balance of the school year and told he must retake the fall semester for posting criticisms about classmates and professors on a private site."

Can't we find anything better to say on the internet than our criticisms?  I know it's frustrating to have a terrible teacher or textbook, but do people need to put it on the internet?  There are two sides that I look at this from; the one is that this is our world, and the other side is that the world is watching.

As a creative writing major, I believe that the world is words.  Words are ideas, and what we view as the world is just a bunch of representative ideas (what psychologists call schemas) of how we view the world around us.  When we post negativity on our blogs, the world around us becomes more negative.  I, for one, want my world to be a happier place since life is hard enough for me when things are going as planned.  I don't need to make myself feel worse by bringing up all of the bad emotions that I am feeling right now.

Secondly, do people really want their dirty laundry being viewed by people across the globe.  I would be embarassed if someone in China could read all about my family's problems.  I would be embarassed if someone in China discovered that I made an error in the grammar of this blog, which I will probably do now that I said about it.  In a paper from last week, I wrote that the miracle of the internet is that people from across the globe can occupy the same space at the same time.  Unfortunately, this miracle comes with a lot of transparency.  I don't want anyone, let alone a person I will never meet, to beleive that I have all of this negativity and hate inside of me.

Just a thought.  Peace out :-)

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