Chunking v. Scrolling: Round 1

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Are you a chunker or a scroller?  That should be a question in a personality test.  It would tell you a lot about a person, namely how imaptient they are, but it is as much as a lot of other tests base themselves on.

I can see both sides on the issue of chunking.  It does take up a lot less space, and holds your attention better, but it also comes at the loss of carity and depth.  I am also left wondering if chunking is just one paragraph per page, or if it is just paragraphs broken up with extra space in between, a la our blogs.

If it is just one paragraph per page, than that leaves open the possibility of overcrowding your website if you have too much to say.

While I can understand the reasons behind why our text is the way it is on the internet, I still like to see propper paragraphs with indentations flowing on endlessly no matter how tough it is on the eyes.

I did not find much to comment on in the section, other than what I have already written.  It is beyond the point where the book has that "new book smell" (even though it was already used), but not at the point where we, the readers have enough background to be able to go into the specifics of web writing.

I'm still waiting for those comments to come pouring in, but look at how many comments there are here.


Jed, the concept of the "paragraph" (with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion) doesn't necessarily map directly to a web page, since I could start with my conclusion, give my supporting examples this way, and throw the rest of the discussion open to commenters.

I have not seen any crying puppies on your page...false advertisement, Jed! haha

Anyway, I kind of like the idea of the chunky way better just because I'm more of a visual person and that seems like it would appeal more to me, personally.

P.S. - Clever, Dr.Jerz, clever.

Alex Hull said:

I quite liked the idea of chunking and scrolling. In fact, I wrote part of my blog about it.

I liked your point about have proper paragraphs with real indentations. I desperately tried to find a way to indent on the first few blogs I wrote. I did add spaces at the beginning of the paragraphs on at least one.

While your love for Kilian seems to be fading, mine has not yet! I hope it doesn't because this book seems fairly long...

Jed Fetterman said:

I think I saw one of those blogs, Alex, because I remembered noticing that it had indentations. I was to lazy to try that out myself, besides, I think that it looks cheesy on the internet when MT sorts everything out for you.
That being said, I still like the words to look like books, which are very comforting to me, unlike the internet.
Also, thank you Dr. Jerz for clearing up my confusion about the chunking.
I guess the time has finally come to do my portfolio. What catchy phrases can I use to draw attention to it? I wonder...

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