Corporate America

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"A corporate websit reflects the consensus of a formal group [...] about how it ought to present itself."

I hope to God that I never have to design a website for anyone else, let alone a company or government agency.  First of all, I write becuase I can say what I want to say, without having other's ideas take precedence over mine as they do in spoken conversation.  Secondly, I hope to never deal with so many people designing the same thing, that it becomes a Frankensite of everyone's best ideas.

I think that Kilian brings up some good points, however.  Talk to the people running the site, explain your problems and ideas to them.  Hopefully they are willing to try out different ideas.  That is about it for this chapter.  Since I have no experience with the corporate sector, the points he makes are moot.  I only hope that if I need them some day, my memory will not fail me.

Memory won't fail me when creating a trackback for EL236, the best writing for the internet class that Seton Hill has to offer.


Aja Hannah said:

I totally agree with you, Jed. I hope I never have to design a corporate site or deal with that many people all wanting their voice in it. I also like to write for myself to express myself. I don't like being told who to be aware of and what to write like. But, as Dr. Jerz told me on my blog, it's best to learn how to do both.

Jed Fetterman said:

I just don't know how you put that many different, and sometimes contradictory, ideas into one piece of uniform writing that sounds good. I'm barely good enough as a writer to keep myself from contradicting the last thing I say. How do you do it for a whole group of people?

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