I Love Germans in Cycling

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If you read my last blog, you know that I of course was somewhat wrong in my Vuelta prediction, which I think we all saw coming but did not want to admit it.  Alberto Contador is in the drivers seat yet again (I wonder why they did not let him compete in France?)

I also read an article on Velonews.com that caught my eye.  Apparently the Germans are complaining about what the return of Lance Armstrong will do for the image of the sport.

"For us, Armstrong is a piece of the past we don't want to see again," Rolf-Dieter Ganz, head of communications at ARD, told Sunday's edition of Die Welt.

I wonder why it represents that.  Could it be the fact that in something like five of Lance's seven Tours, a German rider (mostly Jan Ullrich) finished in second place.  I don't know why, but I love rubbing that in.

The article goes on to insinuate that the benevolent broadcasters are worried about Armstrong's return because they are unsure that he is riding clean.  Did I get this right?  The Germans are unsure about someone riding clean?!  Where was this desire to improve the image of cycling when the Deutsch Telekom team was dominating every race while using EPO in the mid '90's?  Where was it when the loveable Ulle became ensnared in the Puerto scandal two years ago?  Don't slander a proud champion who has never tested positive for a banned substance.  I think that people like Rolf-Dieter Ganz are the reason that Lance is returning to the sport; he is just plain sick of people saying that he was not riding clean. 

Maybe, before blaming American cycling, you should take a look inside at the legacy of the East German schools.  That could answer a lot about the image crisis in Germany, and why these channels are so afraid to broadcast cycling.  Who knows? 


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