Irrevocably Destroyed

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I guess that all of my excuses for hating the internet with every fiber of my being are no longer acceptible.  The only problem that I see arising is that I will not be able to remember the exact steps to create my page from scratch.  And there is the fact that my images will not pad, but that is barely a blip on the radar compared to everything else that I have accomplished.

Tonight's only major problem was the fact that I did not save the brand new homepage file before attempting to load it into the browser.  Consequently, all of the changes I was making refused to appear.  But even that would have sorted itself out when I attempted to close the document.

If anyone needs help, just leave a comment, and I will try to help you with my little experience.  I check the comments of my blog because I'm vain like that, and my e-mail because I feel like I am missing something.  Also, if anyone does know how to get the padding-left and padding-right to work in the css document let me know.  Peace out :-) and victory is mine!!!!!!!!

Take that, internet.


Daniella Choynowski said:

yeah, the padding isn't working for me either. That and the mimic shadowing. But, as Dr Jerz said to me in class, the book is a couple of years old and things may have changed.

Try replacing the "padding-left" with "margin-left" -- that should create the visual space that separates the image from the text. On Monday I left a comment for Elizabeth Castro on her blog. I'll let you know whether she replies.

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