Newbies of the World Unite

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I do not have an account with a social networking website, so I do not feel that I am gathering the same meaning from this article as other people.  I guess that I felt more with the other side of Dr. Jerz's Blog.  It reminds me of how I felt (and still feel) starting out college.  No one is telling me if what I am doing is right or wrong, so I am silently yelling at people "I have never posted before, and I hope that I am doing this correctly."  I can also understand how the upperclassmen feel with my unknowing friends and I cavorting about campus without understanding the etiquette of the Universtiy. -)  That is the way things work though, one group has all of the knowledge and seeks to keep that knowledge and power by whatever means are necessary.  Eventually, ideas spread to the population at large, much to the discontentment of those who were once in charge.  I believe this concept is referred to as cultural diffusion, and it is almost a given that it will happen.

I am disgusted with the poor level of writing in this blog, so I will cough it up as one of the few duds that I have had since starting this experience.  Comment if you feel the need to poke fun at me.

This is payback for all those times that I made fun of the course website.

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