Thank You Network!!!

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Well, I had a brief scare this morning, when the network was down for about half an hour.  This taught me two valuable lessons not in the Castro text.  First, I should have written this blog last night when I finished working on my link page, because you never know when the network will fall.  Also, I should have saved my work to both my flash and I drive to insure that I have something to show for class.

As for the assigned text, I thought it was helpful.  I did well creating my webpage, even though I looked directly at the book to do everything.  The only problem that I had was the "&rdquo" command.  I forgot the semicolon after it, and the browser displayed the characters that I had written in notepad.  Other than that, I feel that html is pretty self-explanatory, I just need to do a lot of practice to rember the exact steps to set things up. 

Peace out :-) and say thank you to your deity of choice that we have working internet access.

I won't poke fun at the course websit today.  EL236

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