Kilian's Last Stand

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Today I finished the last two exercises for the Kilian text.

The first exercise required me to edit a large and slightly difficult piece of writing down to something more manageable and readable on the internet.  I had no trouble with the first, cutting the writing in half, and taking the readability down one grade level.  The second entry was even easier.  Yet again, I cut the word count in half, and was able to bring the piece down to a 4.8 reading level.  I do however feel like some of the language became a little too simplistic, and on the web would make the sites message more diluted.

The second exercise asked me to write down what I thought of several websites.  I compared the websites of Seton Hill, St. Vincent, and Pitt.  I noticed interesting things.  Seton Hill's website is devoted almost solely to links and lacking much useful information other than where to go.  St. Vincent's site, on the other hand, has many links plastered on its home page, so many so that the website appears cluttered and loses its meaning for a college.  I thought that Pitt's was the most appealing.  It was small, taking up only a quarter of the screen, but it had well organized links and current events that were all planned out in an orderly way.  It had the right combination of information, order, and understandability, so I did not feel overwhelmed or confused about the sites reason for existence.


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