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10:01 is the story of people's thoughts before a movie.  But the thoughts do not originate so much from the people themselves as they do from an outsider imagining what they are thinking.

The thing that points to it most is the terrorist attack.  Sid Munsterburg sees a man holding something that "looked like a joystick."  The next moment, the theatre is aflame.  Ryan Moody has "baked dust singing his sinuses"; Vladislav begins by "freeing his Glock"; the actor Josh Hartnett tries to help people but realizes that this "this isn't a stupid movie."

But all of that means nothing.  It is just Milo Magnani, manager of the movie theatre, watching through the rows.  He "loves watching trailers for disaster movies.  But he loves watching his clients watch them more."  There is more to this statement than meets the eye.  First, Magnani likes disaster movies, so he is willing to use his imagination to create these when he is bored.  Then there is the fact that he likes his clients (the people in the movie theatre) to watch them even more.  Magnani is willing to not only create a story for the people of the theatre, he is willing to imagine the story taking place through the eyes of others.  That gives the entire story an interesting twist.

That's what I need, a link to the course website.


Daniella Choynowski said:

10:01 was really interesting. Sort of an ensemble cast. I think there was a movie, can't remember the name, that focused on the lives of all these people who were gathered in one place. Then the president got shot. I sort of had that foreboding feeling when I clicked through the audience members. It's strange, I find myself considering everything interactive a game, forgetting sometimes that literature doesn't necessarily mean a book.

Jed Fetterman said:

I know what movie you are talking about (I think), and I can't remember what the name of it is either. Does it have the guy from Lost in it?
We watched it in high school last year, and I later discovered that it was stolen because the DVD did not come out for another month.
Anyway, I'm glad you brought that up becuase it does remind me of that mystery movie. I also found my mind wandering back to As I Lay Dying every now and then. Faulkner does it in first person though.

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