Portfolio #2: Stagnation

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Okay, I will admit that I did not learn stagnation, but it does exemplify my feelings about my work for EL236 in the two or three weeks since the last portfolio.  Below are some of my writings for the class, in a new style of short paragraphs and bullets.  While I do not feel my writing getting better, I have been "forced" to experiment with literary criticism and hypertext resumes, but more of that will be explained later.  If I had to say what I have been learning (which I do since I am supposed to proving that statement in the body of this entry), I would say that I am gaining more attention to detail.  My entries are becoming longer, violating Kilian's advice, but the ideas are becoming more concentrated also; I feel that I am saying what I want to say with more ease now.  And now, what you have all been waiting for, back by popular demand (from Dr. Jerz), it is portfolio number two.


This is a section that I feel is greatly improved over last time.  As always, I include a link to the course page (usually at the bottom) of every pertinent blog just for the readers' convenience.  I have also improved by embedding the direct quotations in the text instead of giving a quote at the top and giving my argument about it in the body.  I cannot take the credit for choosing to do this, it was assigned, but I can take credit for using the close reading style well for a rookie.


I am proud to say that I have not had a late assignment up to this point.  However, most of them are still not posted 24 hours before the due date, it is something more like 12.  Here are a few things


I feel that I have had the most improvement in this area of my writing.  While I do not respond to every comment immediately (and sometimes there are four or five in a row now) I respond to every comment the day it is left.  Now, the trick will be getting people to come back so a complete discussion will be formed, but I am happy with the changes to this point.


I feel that this is my strongest area.  It may not be best suited for the internet, but I use well-thought paragraphs and make good arguments.  This section would be my Greatest Hits album if I were a band I guess.


This is probably the biggest area of stagnation for me.  I have continued to comment on at least two blogs, but I do not feel that my comments are enhancing my views on the issues, or enhancing the discussion's development.  I also have not been looking hard at other people's writing, and have focused solely on the ideas that they present.  I think that that would make me a useful classmate as well as a better student.

  • The better side of interaction - while it is short, and caused no one else to comment, I thought that the comment on Alex's blog shows how I can interact well with classmates
  • Response - on Aja's blog I wrote a comment that made her respond
  • Help anyone? - this one on Jackie's shows the philanthropic side of my commens, and got a response
  • Another good side - one on Andy's blog that also shows my ability to praise others ideas while still dissecting their content

I think that my greatest disappoint this time is in the area of personal blogs.  While the school work is what I am being graded on, I still feel that a blog gives me a great opportunity as a writer, and I failed to take advantage of that opportunity.  I do like how the portfolios really show me where my strengths and weaknesses are right away, unlike tests and papers where there is a turnaround period.

And since I said about it at the top of the entry, here is the omnipresent link to the course website. 

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