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September 25, 2005

How many ways are there to cover the same football game?

This year Seton Hill University (SHU) has its first-ever boy’s football team. On Saturday, September 10, the team played their first home game. I attended the game and wrote an article about the game for EL227. This same issue was covered in the Setonian (SHU Newspaper)and the Communicator(SHU Newsletter). Although the same topic was discussed in my article and the Setonian each source found a different "hook" for the story. I focused on fan support, whereas the Setonian focused on financial issues associated with SHU football. I was excited to see that the front-page football article in the Communicator also focused on fan support.

Seton Hill Presents Griffin Football (my article)
Hook (fan support)
I planned on writing about the actual football game, but when the Griffins lost I decided to change my focus. As a spectator I was really amazed by all the students who were present for the first game, and all of the fans that stayed even when the Griffins started falling more behind.

To support my observance I got quotes from students, employees of SHU, President JoAnne Boyle, football players, and Coach Chris Snyder. All of these quotes were positive reactions to SHU football. I decided that I should show both views, so my article would be more comprehensive. I received a quote from a student who thought football was hurting other student's financial aid. Then, I got a quote from Financial Aid.

"Absent athletes still receive financial aid" and "Inaugural Griffins football season brings 'new era'"Hook- financial aid Hook- future hopes
The major focus in the Setonian was the effect football has on financial aid. Students are constantly discussing this issue. I think this was the appropriate hook for the paper to take, because students want to know how much financial aid the football players are receiving.

In the first article, Amanda Cochran discusses how students who quit the team will continue to receive financial aid. Amanda incorporated quotes based on the reasoning for this financial aid decision, students who opposed this choice and also actual football players who felt this was unfair. She was able to thoroughly cover all sides of this story. In my story I was unable to get quotes from the other team, and I think this is one part of the story that I really needed.

Seton Hill lost in their first two attempts. In the second article, Valerie Masciarelli discussed how the players, fans, and coaches do not think this bad start will permanently effect the team. This article was upbeat, and I believe an attempt to keep fans interested in Griffin football. Of the two, I believe this article was more similar to mine. This article shed a positive light on football, and recognized this "new era" at SHU.

Finally, in the Communicator was the article "SHU Football Griffins (and fans) Show Spirit in Historic First Home Game." In both my article and this article the focus was on the number of fans present at the game, and also quotes from spectators.

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You article is actually really good I thought. For a first inaugural game, I think that a human angle is really necessary. I think that you have solid quotes, and a nice piece of work. I think that you might have wanted to be just a little (just a smidge) less bias. The event was not all perfect, but you brought out a lot of good in the paper. Maybe it's just me. Let me know what you think.

P.S. My blog needs comments, so check it out! I could use some intelligent insight

Posted by: Jason Pugh at September 26, 2005 1:07 PM

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