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November 27, 2005

Chapters 8,9, & 10

Chapter 8
Goggle News
In Chapter 8 Gillmor discusses GoogleNews, which is a search engine for news articles. When you go to the site you can type in any topic, and you will receive news articles focused on that topic. I had never heard of this until this semester, but I have used it several times. When I was confused by the definition of libel, I typed it in and found real charges of libel. It was easier for me to understand through examples, than a definition in a book. It is also beneficial, because you can find more articles than what you would find by just looking in your local newspaper or watching your local news broadcast.

Chapter 9
Chapter 9 focuses on the fact that you can not always believe everything you see or hear. Although advances in technology have made the Internet and weblogs possible, which the book stresses the importance of, advances have also made it possible to alter pictures. The chapter uses different examples, and the group presentation mentioned the John Kerry/Jane Fonda picture. The picture was taken at a rally that both attended, but they were not there together. In the picture they are side by side, because two separate pictures were turned into one picture.

Another example of being leery about authenticity is the example of Kaycee Nicole. Nicole started a blog about dealing with leukemia. The chapter discusses how thousands of people went on her blog in support of her, and also to tell their stories. Eventually she quit posting and passed away. A little bit after her death a question was posed wondering if Nicole had ever existed. Finally, it was realized that in fact she did not exist. I think that even if that one person did not exist, the site was still probably beneficial to many other people who were really suffering from the disease. Although that is not the way the example was supposed to be used, I think it shows how another advantage of weblogs can be support. People suffering from this disease or those who had a family member or friend suffering, were able to receive support from others through a weblog.

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Yeah, GoogleNews is a tremendous resource. I just did a quick search and found 235 news articles about "organic gifts." And not one of them mentioned cat food. Or toilet paper.

Posted by: Michael Dell at November 29, 2005 1:26 AM

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