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Breaking News: Day 1

Both of the stories I chose to follow were in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The first breaking news story I chose to follow was "Man wounded in Hill District shooting." This article was short, probably not even 100 words long. There are also limited details. Nothing was mentioned about a suspect and the only name mentioned in the article was a police commander's. This seems like a good example of a rushed breaking news story that is released so fast that the reporter can't really include many details.

The second breaking news story I chose to follow was "Senate leaders boycott state budget talks, promise new proposal." This article was much longer. Many names were given. I think the difference comes down to two main points: this article involves public figures and it is not dealing with a crime or injury of any kind. It seems as if this author had more time to gather information or at least had an easier time doing so since it is longer. The article indicates that there will be at least one follow up story. Some of the information was not available to the reporters at that time.

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