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Breaking News: Days 1 & 2

Ok. Let's try this again. Thankfully I had a few other possible articles in mind yesterday than just the ones I blogged about. I know the first article didn't have a follow-up. I think there may have been a follow-up for the second article, but I wasn't sure. Anyways, here's a third article from yesterday that did have a follow-up today. This first article was relatively short. It just gave the basics on the operation and gave the "alleged" details. No suspect names were given.

Here's the follow-up article. This second article was much longer. The lead summarized the basic background information of what happened yesterday. Some information was repeated--like a quote on why this undercover operation took place. That aside, the names and addresses of all the suspects were given. I also found it interesting that, while the author was still careful not to say that any suspect was guilty at this point, this article did not use the word "alleged" at all. I just found this interesting in comparison to the first article that used it quite a bit. I wonder if that is pretty standard for ongoing stories like this.

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