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Breaking News: Days 3 & 4

There have no new updates by the Tribune Review on the undercover drug operation since day two, but I've found other papers that have printed articles on this story through google news, though most were on TV news websites. Here are the links to other articles that were published on Oct. 5 on this same topic:

ThePittsburghChannel.com published Indiana County Police Nab Dozens of Drug Suspects
WPXI.com published Police Arrest Alleged Drug Dealers In Indiana County
wjactv.com published State Police Arrest 21 On Drug Charges

Just as a side note on the above articles, it's interesting that most of the articles are short just like the newspaper article. Only one was long: ThePittsburghChannel.com, aka Channel 4 Action News. After what we talked about in class, especially since it was related to this news station, I just that was ironic. Anyways . . . .

One newspaper, the Indiana Gazette, also published two articles on this topic. The first was published in the paper on Oct. 5 but wasn't published online until Oct. 6; the second was published in the paper on Oct. 6 but wasn't published online until Oct. 7. Once again, the lead for the follow-up article in this paper basically summarized what had happened previously and the first part of the article to review what happened before and then continue on with the new information. The Indiana Gazette follow-up article seemed to focus more on telling the story of what was going on, why the investigation took place, and giving more information direct from the police through quotes; the Tribune Review did include this information, but it used much of the space to list names of suspects that had been apprehended.

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