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Comment Withdrawal

"There are times when a person may be allowed to withdraw a comment. This applies, for example to naive subjects who may realize, upon hearing their words, that they have said something that could them fired, divorced, sued or whatever. We do not afford this opportunity, however, to sources or subjects who are experienced at dealing with the press."
~page 28 of Robert J. Haiman's Best Practices for Newspaper Journalists

I guess this is another case in which public figures don't have as many rights when it comes to the press as the general public does. I guess they figure that, in this case, those who are experienced with being interviewed should know to watch what they say better. Also, as discussed in class, public figures especially don't have as many rights to privacy as everyone else simply because they placed themselves in the public eye. I guess that would play into this policy as well. Public figures aren't held to the same standards as the average person.

Other Thoughts on Haiman 17-28

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