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Ex.9. The final countdown

http://blogs.setonhill.edu/JeremyBarrick/ , the link to my story that eventually made my IF game. Beta testing and Interactive Fiction go hand in hand, IF is the actual game and Beta testing is the evaluation of the actual game defined by questions and a non partison play the game. I actually learned a bit from Writing from the Internet and the students involved with the class. I believe that many consumers of the PC population tend to think that flicking on a switch and writing a key word on a screen is the only process involved when dealing with computers,think twice, there is much to know and is a lot more complicated than one thinks. The certain things I have noticed from beta testing was, not many people put much content into their websites, wording needs to be acurate for the user or they will surf to another site, basic is better, pictures need to be at a minimum, and background colors have to be neutral or the colors blend with the text making it hard to read.

Peer reactions I thought to be pertanent. http://blogs.setonhill.edu/TiffanyGilbert/2006/11/my_victims_in_if_8.html. I must include the lovely Kayla, http://blogs.setonhill.edu/KaylaSawyer/2006/11/project_3_propo.html, I am such a charmer.

EL 236 was a blast,I wish I could take it all over again; life only gets harder after here.


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I like the blog, very simple and to the point, yet lots of links. I see you've come a long way as well! Congrats!!!

I like how you stop creating links half-way through.

The Constant Gardner must be a very distracting movie.

Yes, you are a charmer,Jeremy lol. I liked your links because unlike mine, they all work! They are also helpful in creating a web site and it's nice to have the tips right there. Good progress, man!

As a fellow classmate of yours in another class, I just wanted to note here that it's great to see you making connections from one class to the next and tying together all of your applicable knowledge of one subject into an informative post. I also agree with your interpretation of computers, they can do alot more than people realize.

Jeremy I think you've gotten some of the most effective skills out of the freshman in the class, not to offend anyone else. I like how you really embraced the details we learned about the content of a website. Paying attention to the content and look is an important thing to do to reach an audience. As we read in Hot Text, the style of a website will deteremine how efficent the website is to it's audience. The style of writing needs to also be understandable to the audience I'm glad to see you enjoyed the class. I'm sure I'll be seeing you in media topics and aesthetics.

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