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Portfolio 3. EL227. How Far Does a Man Have to Go To Untangle His Tingle?

When I think about it, I am sort of sad that this, EL227, is coming to an end. I got really comfortable with all the mayhem in class. Ok, Ok! So reading really wasn't something that I wanted to do, but had to do. America's Best Newspaper Writing , will I ever get that book out of my head? The book was interesting though. I can recall fond memories, a month or two ago, where I would pick up ABNW and was eager to read and blog, near the end of the semester, I cringed at the readings, so I made it an effort to become negative while blogging on them. I am going to point out the negative and positive blogs in my portfolio.
-Positive Blogs-
ABNW p, 87-97
Best Practices
-Negative Blog-
ABNW (Hull) p, 96-111
-Positive Blog-
ABNW (Fuson) p, 211-213
ABNW Chapter 10
ABNW Chapter 11
Well, I guess the positives outweigh the negatives. I wanted to show the contrast, and the fact that I am an unique individual, who tends to be a non-conformist.
-----------Part 2-------------------------
I think that I will write on myself this time, to show that I can write in depth. I get into a snow-covered car and blast the heater to the highest setting. I then go back into my side of the duplex that I live in and get a shower, as the water beads off of me, I begin to wake up. Getting out of the shower is torture in the Winter months, it is way to cold for warm feet to touch cold porcelan. After I get dressed, I look at my 11 year old mutt, Natas, and beg him to hurry while him and I are outside, as he does his buisness. "Job well done Nats" I say as I lead him back to the house. I get into a warm car and drive about two miles to get to Seton Hill University(SHU). The air is chilled with a brisk wind, I await the shuttle. The shuttle arrives as I anxiously jump into the front seat and listen to either John or Kathy's dirty jokes. Finally, stopped in front of the Administration building, I get out and climb four flights of stairs, exhausted and dazed, I have reached my destination. Panting, I walk into the room and await a lecture headed by Dr. Jerz. I sit in the front row and stare with the ambitions that one day I will be as wise as he. Dr. Jerz spouts off 50 minutes of information on the do's and dont's of journalism. He dismisses the class, I walk back down where I arrived from.
Part 3
Bethany Merryman ABNW p, 97-97
Daniella Choynowski Fuson 211-213
Carrie Kraszewski ABNW Chapter 10
Part 4
The following are comments that my classmates left on my blog:
Daniella Choynowski Fuson
Jackie Johns Chapter 11/ Plagiarism
Part 5
One blog in particular that I felt I actually researched thoroughly was the one in Chapter 11 entitled The Unoriginal Sin. I wrote on how I plagiarism disgusts me. I feel that I am an original guy, to cheat would make me feel less of a person. I want to be real, and individual, not part of the status quo.
Part 6
A comment that I left on Vanessa Kolberg's blog really made me feel as though I was being a little to rough. All it was, was a matter of opinion. If taken the wrong way, I appologize. I blogged the following on Hull,"Metal to Bone"
Part 7
I still feel that "The Dreams of Fudgecicles and Marshmellow Balloons" was and is the best blog. I put so much time and effort into the attempt to describe my life as a student. Although I have become a much better writer, I love this blog.

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